You have found the perfect agent to help you sell your home quickly and for a great price.  Now what?

Now you want to make sure that your house shows well to attract potential buyers so your agent is able to sell your house quickly for the price you want or need.  While it is mostly the agent’s job to sell your home, there are a number of fast and easy ways to help out.

Step 1: Tidy up.  Remove any dishes or clutter from your counters and floors.  Make sure any children’s toys are moved into a corner or put away out of sight.  Check your bathroom counters to make sure they are neat, and check your bedrooms to make sure that your beds are made.  You don’t need to get down and dirty to prepare your house for a showing, but make sure things are relatively clean and clutter-free.

Step 2: Liven up.  Open your draperies and blinds, and turn on the lights.  Darkness makes rooms seem small and depressed.  By opening your blinds, you can also showcase any natural light that your might get into your home, which some buyers particularly like to see.  Also adding a few vases of flowers around the house help to freshen up and make your house seem more lively and livable.

Step 3: Seasonal issues.  If you live in Michigan, like me, then you probably know that we get a great deal of snow and ice during the winter months.  If your house is going to show during the winter, try to keep your drives and walks clear of snow and salted, and to prevent any snow or salt from being tracked through your home, politely ask that shoes and boots be removed before showings.  During the summer months, make sure that your grass is green and neatly trimmed, and that you have flowers in bloom to give your home that “white picket fence” feel.

While all of these easy steps may seem like common sense, you might be surprised by how much something so simple can set you apart from the house next door.Type your new text here.